November 7, 2008
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November 6,2008
Press Release
Arbitrary conviction of innocent Tibetans continue unabated

Since March 2008 Tibetans from all the three traditional provinces of Tibet have undertaken a number of peaceful demonstrations for their freedom and for the protection of Tibetan religion and culture against which the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of China has responded in numerous ways: arbitrary arrest, detention, brutal torture and  conviction without due process of law.   According to official Chinese sources, in the so called  Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) alone 55 Tibetans has been convicted. In other Tibetan areas outside the so-called TAR arbitrary conviction commenced around the sametime and continues unabated. Thus on one hand the Chinese leadership is engaging the envoys of His Holiness in a dialogue but on other hand they have intensified the unfair and arbitrary conviction of innocent Tibetans, which clearly shows their lack of commitment  in addressing the welfare of the Tibetan people.   According to reliable sources: 1)    At around noon on the 3rd Nov.2008, Waelsa Norzin Wangmo a native woman of Kyungchu township of Ngaba Marthang district was sentenced to 5 years  imprisonment for giving news through phone and internet about inside Tibet to the outside world. 2)    At 2 p.m. on 4th Nov.2008, on allegation of destroying public property a Tibetan from Ra-Ru-Pae named Dhargye aged 26 of Cha township was convicted for 5 years imprisonment.  Simultaneously Zamba aged 34 from Nag-Tsang Mae of Cha township and Nangrin aged 36 from Nag Tsang Mae of Cha township were given 4 years of imprisonment by Ngaba District Public Court. 3)    At 2 p.m. on 5th Nov.2008, under the allegation of destroying public property a Tibetan from Mevo Ru- Mae- Urjam Tsang named Choephel aged 33 and Sangye aged 31 from Cha township Ra-Ru- Pae were given 4 years and Tsedak aged 31 from Mevo Ru-Ma Ratsang was given 6 years imprisonment by the  Ngaba District Public Court. During the proceedings,the presence of a number of Chinese staffs were arranged by the officials where as only a few family members of the accused were allowed to be present. 4)     According to Lhasa Township Public Administration Internet service, on 29 October, a Tibetan from Lhundrub District named Tenzin Yeshi was given 14 years of imprisonment by the Lhundrub District Public Court.   In view of the ongoing critical situation inside Tibet, we urge the United Nations, the International communities and organizations to call urgently upon the leadership of Peoples’ Republic of China to immediately uphold the  “Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” and to implement the following: 1.    To immediately allow an independent international fact-finding mission into Tibet 2.    To allow unfettered access to free press in whole of Tibet 3.    To immediately stop the brutal arrest, detention and killing in the whole of Tibet 4.    To immediately release all the innocent arrested and imprisoned Tibetans 5.    To immediately stop the unfair trail and unjustified conviction of the peaceful demonstrators Tibetan Solidarity Committee

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