March 19, 2008
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Latest Updates on Tibet Demonstrations

Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 3:10 p.m.

19th March 2008

Arbitrary arrests continue

In Lhasa, the main entrance to all residential complexes has been
blocked off by the Chinese military. Households are raided every night
and non-family members (even those with proper identification) are
being arbitrarily arrested on the grounds that non-family members must
have presumably taken part in recent protests.

According to BBC news, “A Chinese source with links to the
security forces told the BBC that 600 monks had been flown overnight on
military planes from Lhasa to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan. The
report could not be independently verified.”

With such large numbers of Tibetans being arrested, and with
some arrestees having to be flown outside of Lhasa, it can be inferred
that prisons in Lhasa are overpopulated from all the recent arrests.

First the Police and now the Army

After the recent Lhasa protests grew in both size and intensity,
a massive number of Peopleïž’s Armed Police (PAP) continue to patrol the
streets however more recently the Peopleïž’s Liberation Army (PLA) was
brought in as additional reinforcement to suppress the protests.

Military presence increased in Border area

Around the border area of Tibet, there has been a huge build up
of Chinese military to prevent people from secretly entering Tibet.

18th March 2008

Four killed and fifteen arrested in Karze County (Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province)

Four people were killed and fifteen were injured in yesterdayïž’s protest which was attended by around 400 people.

Among the four killed, two of the names can be confirmed:

1) Ngoga Chukhatsang (male)

2) Jamyang or Jamphel (monk, age 50)

Among those arrested in yesterday’s protest, the following names can be confirmed:

1) Tsetan Phunstok (male, former prayer recitation leader of Karze monastery)

2) Chemi Gonpo (male)

3) Pema Dechen (she was severely injured during yesterdayïž’s protest)

4) Gonpo (male, injured during protest)

5) Shao Mimi (female, around age 40, injured during protest)

6) Tashi Palden (male)

7) Tsering Dorji (male)

8) Loyang

9) Sangpo

10) A fourteen-year-old monk from Tsetsung monastery.

During the protest held in Karze County on 17th March the names
of two monks( among others who were arrested) can be confirmed. They

1) Jampa Thupten (former head of Karze Dhargye monastery)

2) Tenzin Namgyal (from Karze Dhargye monastery)

17th March 2008

Many arrested at Toelung County (Lhasa)

Around 3pm local time, sixteen monks from Dhingkha monastery who
were dressed in plain clothes started a protest on their way to Dechen
town. Police personnel from Dechen town were not able to stop the
determined monks from protesting and additional police personnel were
called in from the County. The local people joined the protests after
the County police tried to stop the protestors. Peopleïž’s Armed Police
was called in later from Lhasa after the protest grew in size and
intensity. Around thirty of the protestors were arrested and treated
very aggressively. Three of the names (laypeople) can be confirmed as

1) Samdup (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

2) Lobsang (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

3) Tsering Dolkar (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

Also, among the thirty arrested we can confirm that twelve of
them were monks from Dhingkha monastery. Five names can be confirmed as

1) Ngawang Ignyen (born in Dechen town, Toelung County)

2) Jigme (born in Dechen town, Toelung County)

3) Ngawang Tenphel, former name Kalsang Dawa (born in Dechen town, Toelung County)

4) Karma Dawa (born in Yangpachen, Damshung County, Lhasa)
5) Ngawang Thakchoe

Around 2000 military personnel brought into Gyalthang County (Dechen “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” Yunnan province)

Fearing a ripple effect from the recent Lhasa protests, around
2000 Peopleïž’s Armed Police (PAP) personnel was brought into Gyalthang
County from Kunmin city (Dechen “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Yunnan
province). The PAP has been on 24-hour surveillance and patrol.


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