January 7, 2006
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Regional Council Government of Paris Region Passes a Motion on Tibet

Saturday, 7 January 2006, 10: AM

Paris: Proposed by the Green Political Group, the Regional Council government of Paris region (called Ile de France) has passed a motion in favour of Tibet. The Regional Council of Paris region has mandates in different areas over Paris municipality and also over all the suburban districts – Essone, Seine et Marne, Val d’Oise, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne, Hauts de Seine, and Yvelines which comprises of total 12 million population.

The Regional Council Government is headed by Mr. Jean Paul Huchon, Green Party member and president of the Committee of Economic Development at the Regional Council and it has 209 elected members heralding from different political parties. The power of regional council has grown considerably in France since the decentralisation, which was first implemented in 1981.

Except the Far Right Party of Front National, all other political groups (UMP,PS, UDF and even Communist Party ) have voted in favour of the motion which is entitled : “Cooperation with China – towards democracy and peace”.

The motion calls the regional government to take into account the human rights aspect in its relations with different regions of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As a government of the most populous region of France, the Paris region, entertains regular relations with the PRC since 2004 especially in the area of development aids and cooperation with Beijing and Shanghai.

The motion text which was passed by majority vote on 19 December 2005 at the plenary session of the Regional Council Government, in its preamble section,refers to China as responsible for the plight of the Tibetan people since 1949 – oppression and genocide of the Tibetan people, denial of meaningful dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also relates the tense conflict situation of Taiwan, violations of basic rights, non-democratic rule, environmental dangers and pollution.

It applauds the continued non-violent resistance and struggle of the Tibetan people led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The text underlines the importance of the values of human rights and protection of environment while the Council works with the Chinese counterparts. It points out that the Regional Council’s cooperation with China should be an opportunity to develop and strengthen further these values and calls the regional government to stand firm on these basic principles.

Initiating development aids and cooperation while closing eyes on the issue of democracy and basic freedom is qualified as “deeply illusory”. The text indicates that although the cooperation and development relations are limited at the levels of Beijing and Shanghai, however, it urges the Council government to take into consideration the democratic and humanistic principles and show the responsibility for the longterm interest.

The difficult issue of Tibet must remain at the heart of this responsibility the text says and cite examples of numerous municipalities in France, which have taken actions for the Tibetan political prisoners, hoisting the Tibet’s flag on 10th March or in some occasions, permanently. The text suggests the Regional Government to take this kind of peaceful action, which is at the same time, highly symbolic and meaningful.

It invites the Regional Council Government to take the following actions :

  1. Hoist the Tibet flag at the Council Building every 10th March and this until the Tibetan exile government reaches an agreement with the Chinese authorities in obtaining a status of true autonomy for Tibet.
  2. Support the action to release Tibetan political prisoners whose list will be furnished by Tibet Support Groups.
  3. Invites the President of the Regional Council Government to transmit this Motion text to the President and the Prime Minister of the PRC, The Dalai Lama,the Tibetan Government and Parliament in Exile, and to the UN Secretary General.
  4. That the Regional President inform the Government and Parliament of France the wish expressed by the elected body of the Regional Council to give a follow up on the European Parliament’s resolution, and thereby contribute in favouring to reach an agreement which grants true autonomy to the Tibetans,
  5. That a Committee of International and European Development Aids of the Regional Council elaborate a precise framework which defines its relations with China.This means to engage a dialogue with the Chinese partners whereby the conditions of the development regarding the issue of democracy, peace and environmental responsibility are included. (as per the guidelines of the international development aids voted in

Report sent by Wangpo Bashi, Office of Tibet, France

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