August 17, 2005
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Massive Awareness Campaign on Middle-Way Approach Kicks-Off

Introduction to the Middle-Way Policy and its History

Kalon Tripa and other dignitaries of the CTA present at the inaugural function of the awareness campaign

Dharamshala, 17 August 2005– The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) formally launched here today a massive public awareness campaign on the Middle-Way Approach of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Speaking to a packed-hall of over 500 CTA staff, Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche said that as long as the leadership of His Holiness remains, there may not be any change in the policy of the Middle-Way Approach in resolving the issue of Tibet, adding that the CTA will continue to function within the framework of this policy.

Although the Strasbourg Proposal and the Five-Point Peace Plan continue to remain the bedrock of the Middle-Way Approach, Kalon Tripa said, the nitty-gritties of the approach might change.

Kalon Tripa also said that the exiled Tibetan community must demonstrate a conspicuous majority support for the Middle-Way policy.

“Ours is a democratic community. We therefore cannot expect a complete unison of minds. However, that the majority of the exiled Tibetans support the Middle-Way Approach must be demonstrated explicitly.”

Sonam N. Dagpo, Secretary (International Relations) of the DIIR, outlining the public awareness campaign on the Middle-Way Approach.

Since the policy of Middle-Way Approach was adopted democratically—the Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies passed a resolution in favour of the policy after a preliminary opinion poll—only His Holiness or a referendum can revoke this policy, Kalon Tripa said.

“And both these scenarios are unlikely to come to pass.”

During the inaugural function, a one-hour documentary film on the Middle-Way Approach was also screened.

England’s Tibet House Trust is funding 855 thousand rupees for this awareness campaign, which includes, making of a documentary film, publication of various materials and mass advocacy.

Over 500 CTA staff attended the inaugural function

Prior to Kalon Tripa’s speech, the Kalon for the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) of the CTA, Lobsang Nyandak Zayul, said that even though the Middle-Way Approach is a policy adopted by the Assembly, the common Tibetan people know little about the essence of this approach.

“At a time when the CTA is actively engaged in the resolution of Tibet issue, more than ever, the Tibetan people needs to display a strong support for the Middle-Way Approach,” added Lobsang Nyandak, who is also the Kalon for the Finance Department.

In the months ahead, the DIIR is expected to depute staff to advocate the Middle Way Policy in various Tibetan settlements and schools.

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