September 9, 2004

Dharamsala 9 September 2004:

“I consider promotion of human values and promotion of religious harmony as my duties”, said His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness was addressing the eighth session of the 13th Assembly of the Tibetan Peoples Deputies. And I will continue doing that till my last breathe whether in exile or after the Tibet issue is resolved, stated His Holiness. As far as Tibetan cause is concerned, His Holiness said that as a leader he has a responsibility to work towards resolving the issue of Tibet and he will do it.

“I have nothing new to say today, there is no need for anything to be said as everyone is performing ones own duties at the best possible level. There may be mistakes made but I appreciate the hard work with which everyone carries out his or her responsibilities. I thank everyone for that.”

I always keep on saying that my position is one of a semi-retirement, His Holiness said. As far as running the exile administration is concerned, His Holiness said that he is pleased with the Kashags hard work under the leadership of Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche.

My responsibilities have now become less and it has benefited me a lot”. His Holiness said that he has no expertise, experience or qualification to lead the exile administration and that there are people who are much qualified to do that.

His Holiness suggested that the responsibilities to lead the exile administration be given to the Central Tibetan Administration comprising of the three pillars of democracy.

His Holiness also said that there should be a sense of dedication, hardworking-spirit and loyalty among the staff of the administration.

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