January 3, 2001
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Statement by Kalon T C Tethong on the Tibetan opposition to Beijing Olyimpic games

Dharamshala, 1 March, 2001

China continues to ignore the international concern for violations of human rights of the Chinese people and the people of Tibet, Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia. Giving China the year 2008 Olympic Games by the IOC would constitute a total lack of sensitivity and regard for the suffering of millions of Chinese, Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians.

Furthermore, China’s bid to host the Olympic Games in Beijing is to score a political point – to show to the international community that China is morally and socially qualified to host the games which gives so much prestige to the hosting nation. How would the IOC justify its decision if it grants Beijing the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games?

China currently practices “re-education through labour.” People in China do not have the right to associate freely, practice the religion of their choice. There is no freedom of information. China holds the world record in having the largest number of executions. Labour unions are banned. In short, China today is the largest remaining totalitarian state ruled by a one-party system. Last but not the least in addition to the denial of fundamental rights, there are hundreds of Tibetan prisoners languishing in Chinese prisons in Tibet.

For these reasons we express our strong opposition to any attempts by the IOC to award Beijing with the 2008 Olympic Games. Human rights violations still continue in China as we see the fate of the Falun Gong followers currently in China; arrest and imprisonment of those who speak up for democratic rights of the Chinese people. Chinese dissidents also support the idea of not awarding Beijing with the 2008 Olympic Games if China continues to violate the human rights of the Chinese people.

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