January 1, 1960
Statement by the Department of Religion and Culture

the incarnations of Lamas/Trulkus is a unique Tibetan practice related
with Buddhism. It has nothing to do with politics. Using religious
figures for political purpose, therefore, goes against religion. On 18
July 2007, the State Administration of Religious Affairs of the
People’s Republic of China issued the Regulation on Management Measures for the Reincarnation of Living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism by
transgressing the bounds of both religion and politics. The heads of
the four religious schools of Tibetan Buddhism and the traditional Bon
religion as well as the Department of Religion and Culture of the
Central Tibetan Administration issued a seven-point joint declaration
on 2 September 2007, repudiating this regulation. Likewise the Special
Meeting of the heads of the four religious schools of Tibetan Buddhism
and the traditional Bon religion held on 3 May 2008 passed a
resolution, which not only rejected it but also declared that in future
no reincarnated Lamas/Trulkus of the Tibetan Buddhist and Bon religions
shall be considered as true unless they have the final approval of the
heads of the respective religious traditions.Under the
supervision of the Chinese Communist government, the so-called
reincarnation of the Gyalrong Dedrug Rinpoche, belonging to Loseling of
the Drepung Monastery in Tibet has apparently been recognised on 4 July
2010 through the ‘golden urn procedure’. As well as going against
religion, this action of the Chinese government is a
politically-motivated one. Therefore, as mentioned in the above
declaration and the resolution, no Tibetan will ever accept this.The
previous Dedrug Rinpoche was a prominent religious figure who had
contributed much to the maintenance and promotion of Tibetan religion
and culture. Therefore, his reincarnation should be recognised
according to tradition with the consent of the Gaden Throne Holder, the
head of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism.Department of Religion and CultureCentral Tibetan Administration5 July 2010

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