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Holiness the Dalai Lama addressing the gathering at Model Public School in Padum, Zanskar. Photo/ Jayang Tsering/ DIIR

Zanskar: On the final day of his Zanskar visit, His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the Model Public School in Padum, a Muslim school in Zanskar at the invitation of Anjumane Moen Ul Islam. This marks the record eighth visit of His Holiness to the School. The organizers of the visit apprised His Holiness of the harmonious coexistence between Muslims and Buddhists and expressed their aspiration to be a model for interfaith harmony in the world.

Expressing his delight in seeing them again, His Holiness Dalai Lama told the Muslim devotees that all human beings are basically same.

Sharing anecdotes from his life, His Holiness described his life since the age of 16 as one beset by problems and challenges. His Holiness said that his innate capacity to find peace of mind in turbulent times have helped him overcome challenges.

Speaking about mental health and emotional hygiene, His Holiness lamented that the modern world and modern education system are consumed by material growth and development and further mentioned the dire need for genuine and concerted efforts to develop the mind.

Referring to a wide range of studies available in the Indian traditional knowledge and wisdom dwelling on the study of mind and logic, His Holiness stressed on the importance of inculcating study of mind in the curriculum. This His Holiness advised should wear a secular approach, sans religious overtones.

His Holiness expressed hope for the future and said the present century must capitalize on the wealth of information available in ancient Indian philosophy about finding antidotes to attachment and other negative emotions.

“As children play with each other without asking the other about his or her caste, clan, class, etc. elders should also live in harmony, unmindful of each other’s background,” concluded His Holiness.

A young student at Model Public School in Padum, listen to Holiness the Dalai Lama’s address. Photo/Jayang Tsering/DIIR




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