January 14, 2018
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Published By Tenzin Saldon

Filed by Tenzin Jigme, DIIR Social Media Journalist

Netizens across the world are talking about Mr. Tashi Wangchuk’s trial without a verdict that was passed on 4th January 2018.

What is his crime? Tashi, the herder turned shopkeeper has advocated language right for Tibetan in the 9 mins documentary by Jonah M. Kessel for The New York Times in 2015.

He was tried in the court for “inciting separatism”, “a criminal charge equivalent to seeking independence from the China.  However, as we listen to his words of appeal state otherwise. Without a verdict he could be sentenced for 15 years in prison.

Jonah M. Kessel, the Times journalist whose work focuses on human rights and global affairs, has written an opinion column in New York Times entitled: “How China Used a Times Documentary as Evidence Against Its Subject.” He was infuriated for using his work as evidence against Tashi Wangchuk’s trials.  For details click here.

Badiucao the Chinese artist / Political cartoonist for Hong Kong Free Press as a tribute for Tibetan education advocate Tashi has shared in her instagram a sketched depicting snow lion symbolizing Tibet with a muzzle have written China over its mouth.

International communities like United Nations officials, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Pen America and the United States Embassy in Beijing have stood up for Tashi Wangchuk, publicly criticised the Chinese government for the violation of Human rights and misleading of his case. European Union and Germany have also spoke over Tashi Wangchuk’s arrest at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

In early 2016, Tashi Wangchuk was arrested for his crime of advocating education right to Tibetan and ethnicity minority without contacting lawyers and his family.  He was put in jail without trial for two years.

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