September 7, 2017
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TSG Liason Officer of DIIR, Sonam Sangmo during her presentation at the North America Regional meeting at Mexico

Mexico City: The Liaison Officer of Tibet Support Group Desk of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) of the Central Tibetan Administration, Sonam Sangmo represented DIIR at the North America Regional Meeting in Mexico City.

The meeting, that was held from 1 to 3 September and organised by the International Tibet Network (ITN) was attended by 43 participants from US, Canada and Latin America namely Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

TSG Liaison officer led an intensive session to review the success of ‘Year of Campaign-2017’ and on the effective implementation of the action plans of the Seventh International TSG Conference held in Brussels in September 2016. Sonam emphasised on the observing of the ‘Year of Campaign-2017’ as declared by the Kashag of CTA and the role of Tibet support groups in ensuring of a successful observing of the same.

Sonam encouraged the Tibet Groups to initiate more robust campaigns and to intensify their efforts, to amplify the aspiration of the Tibetan people. She hoped that Tibet Groups would make 2017 a year that will reinvigorate the Global Tibet Movement.

In a bid to ensure a successful undertaking of vigorous campaigns, Sonam reminded the participants to abide by the three guiding principles of Kashag that is, to be peaceful, legal and dignified.

To further galvanize the global Tibet movement, the Kashag is observing year 2017 as a year of campaign. Next year 2018 will mark the beginning of 60 years since Tibetans first set foothold in exile. Kashag announced that 2018 will be observed as a year of gratitude to express our deep appreciation to the governments and people around the world, in particular India, for extending their hospitality and unwavering support over the last half-century.

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