September 25, 2017
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President Dr Lobsang Sangay of the Central Tibetan Administration.

Dharamsala: The President of Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay emphasised and praised the growing interest among the younger generation of Tibetans in embracing and improving the Tibetan language .

Speaking at the ongoing session of the 16th Tibetan parliament-in-Exile, President expressed support for the parliamentary resolution to implement Tibetan as the formal language at official CTA events.

The motion to formalise usage of Tibetan as the sole official language at CTA’s official functions and communications was tabled by Parliamentarian Khenpo Jamphel Tenzin and seconded by Parliamentarian Lopon Thupten Gyaltsen on the fourth day of the fourth session of the 16th Tibetan parliament. The resolution was unanimously adopted by the Parliament.

Deeming the significance of the Tibetan language to preserve the Tibetan identity, President Dr Sangay emphasised the CTA’s implementation of policies centrally focusing on the Tibetan language. In accordance with the Education council’s vision, he iterated the undertaking of the CTA to formalise Tibetan as its sole official language.

Elucidating on CTA’s use of Tibetan language in all its varied endeavors, Dr Sangay reasoned that the use of English language is at times necessary not just to secure international advocacy and support for the Tibet cause, but also to reach out to and encourage the younger generation of Tibetans.

He further highlighted the importance of encouraging and mentoring such initiatives with compassion and patience together with a positive outlook to bolster interest in the language.

President Dr Sangay also highlighted the achievements of various monastic institutions and of the CTA in reestablishing and reviving the Tibetan culture inclusive of religion and language in exile. He attributed the success of Tibetan culture in exile to the hard work and enduring efforts of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dr Sangay explained that as per the aspirations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the CTA, since its inception, has aimed to revive and preserve the rich Tibetan culture in exile.

Dr Sangay added that the policies of the CTA have the preservation and promotion of the Tibetan culture at its core whereas the Chinese government has been trying hard to annihilate the Tibetan identity, culture and language through its hardline policies. He further underlined the importance of understanding the stark difference between the governance of CTA and China and its policies and motives.

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