August 9, 2017
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Tibetan farmers in Tenzingang with the resource person.

MIAO, Arunachal Pradesh: Under the funding from USAID, Agriculture Extension Officers (AEO) of Miao and Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement, Arunachal Pradesh conducted training cum workshop to the farmers.

34 farmers of Miao Choephelling Tibetan Settlement received training at Powai Tea Estate, Margareta, Assam on 19 July, 2017 and 50 farmers from Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement received training from Mr Jaman Rangkham, Horticulture Development officer, Shergaon, West Kameng, AP on 1 August, 2017.

The aim of the training was to enhance the farmers with better knowledge and awareness on agriculture package of practices on cultivation, routine maintenance and harvesting of crops with overall development of agro-horticulture production and increase in income of the settlers.

At Miao, for the last few years the farmers had been shown keen interest in Tea plantation. A training on tea plantation was conducted at Powai Tea Estate, mainly focussing on tea seedling method categorised into direct tea seedling and cutting tea seedling.

The resource person taking theoretical session.

Having found that Apple and Kiwi plantation were suitable in the Tenzingang region, a horticulture development officer was invited to impart technical know-how on theoretical and practical lessons on apple and kiwi plantation, management, pest and disease control.

The expert also conducted practical on field session on pruning, grafting methods, training of plant and layering etc.

As an outcome of the training, all the farmers under the guidance of AEO received indepth knowledge and exposure on various cultivation practices. All the farmers took great interest and active participation during field workshop. They discussed on varied topics pertaining to plantation techniques and cleared many doubts.

-Report filed by Settlement office in Miao and Tenzingang-

Miao Farmers Group Photo during exposure visit to Powai Tea Estate.

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