November 18, 2016
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AKI Press

Bishkek (AKIpress) – The Dalai Lama is paying a visit to Mongolia by the end of week, according to the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, the Mongolian Buddhist center.

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery (Tibetan name translates to the “Great Place of Complete Joy”) said the Dalai Lama’s visit will be a religious mission.

The main events with participation of the Dalai Lama will take place at the named Monastery on November 19. It will be a special private religious ritual for the monks only. For the public, he will speak on November 20.

The Dalai Lama is a monk of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism, the newest of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism founded by Je Tsongkhapa. The 14th and current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso. Mongolia’s Buddhist leader is Bogdo Khaan X.

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