December 11, 2015
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Tibetan delegates dressed in nomad and yak costumes at the COP21 summit.

Tibetan delegates dressed in nomad and yak costumes at the COP21 summit.

PARIS: On 9th December a theatrical display of Tibetan pastoral nomads at the Climate Generation Space of the ongoing UN Climate conference attracted lots of attention from the conference delegates and general public. A group of Tibetan COP21 delegates dressed as Tibetan nomad and yak costume highlighted the current plight of Tibetan nomads and called for freedom of Tibetan Nomads.

Leaflets detailing the global importance of the Tibetan Plateau and current predicament of Tibetan nomads were distributed. The placards which read ‘ let the Nomads and Yak back on the Grassland’ and ‘save the nomads’, explained about the forceful removal of Tibetan nomads by the current Chinese government policies.

More than two million Tibetan nomads have been removed by the Chinese government in pretext of protecting grassland and under the cloak of unsustainable and non inclusive development, but many scientist and pastoralists have argued that the Tibetan nomads were the real guardians of these vast grasslands.

The creative action was initiated by the COP21 Climate Action for Tibet team, which includes Zamlha Tempa Gyaltsen from Environment and Development Desk of Central Tibetan Administration, Norzim Dolma from TWA, Lobsang Yangtso from JNU, Tenzin Norbu from USA and group of Tibetan communities in Paris.

A day earlier, during the second week of the conference hundreds of COP21 delegates at the Climate Generation Space excitedly did a ‘Roof of the world photo challenge shoot’ after a brief speech from Lobsang Yangtso and Norzim Dolma to highlight the global significance of the Tibetan Plateau and the ongoing Climate Action for Tibet campaign. During the first week of the conference, besides other prominent delegates at the UNFCCC, they were also able to present campaign documents to French President Francois Hollande and Environment minister.

– Report filed by Environment Desk, DIIR –

Tibet climate action team

Tibet climate action team

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