June 9, 2015
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Group picture of the 14th NATA Conference Participants.

Representative Mr. Kaydor Aukartsang with the participants of the 14th NATA Conference.

PORTLAND: The14th North American Tibetan Association Conference, held at Portland from 5-7 June concluded on Sunday. The conference was organised by the Office of Tibet and 33 participants from 19 Tibetan Associations took part in the conference. The conference passed 13 major resolutions and discussed many more topics relating to their local issues.

Some of the key issues that they have discussed and passed resolutions are; Guidelines for recognising new Tibetan Associations in North America; Guidelines for organising major program including March 10; Guideline for reception of Tibetan Religious Head by the Tibetan Association; Appointment of Advocacy officer among the board members of the Association; Tibetan Association of Northern California and Colorado have each adopted Tibetan settlement under Sister Shichak program, and the Tibetan Association of Minnesota and Portland have also agreed to review the program very soon.

Other issues include “March for Tibet” to be organised in Washington, DC and Ottawa to coincide with Tibetan National uprising day in 2016; the Tibetan Association of North America to facilitate in the upcoming election of Sikyong and Chithue even without a budget sanction from the Central Tibetan Administration; Press Release on Dolgyal alias Shugden Question; Reception of Tibetan Religious Heads etc.

The Office of Tibet also arranged three different workshops to empower and acquaint the Conference participants on a wide range of subjects including a presentation titled “Keeping the Faith: Nurturing Identity of a Diaspora Community” by Rabbi Michael Cahana and Caron Rothstein from Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. Presentation and discussion on board leadership, organizational development, and resource mobilization was also conducted with Linda L. Reed, Certified Governance Trainer as the resource person. Tibet Advocacy in North America by Bhuchung Tsering, Tencho Gyatso and Andrea Worden from International Campaign for Tibet by Skype. Presentation on successful completion of Tibetan Community Center in Portland by its President Rabgyal Moenbook.

Finally, the Tibetan Association of Colorado, New York & New Jersey, Utah and Vermont have volunteered to host the 15th North American Tibetan Association Conference but majority have voted in favor of Colorado, and the date of the 15th Conference shall be from July 29-31, 2016.

– Report filed by Office of Tibet, Washington DC –

The participants during the conference.

The participants during the conference.


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