The Department of Information and International Relations of the Central Tibetan Administration announces job vacancy for a dynamic Europe-based Communication Professional.

Interested parties are invited to submit a CV including consulting fees, a letter explaining your qualifications for the post, your understanding of the mandate and two references (with contact information) who are familiar with your past work to by 28th January, 2015.

Please read the following announcement for the complete details :




The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) was established in 1959. It is the democratically elected governing institution of the Tibetan people composing of 7 departments. In addition to looking after the welfare of the Tibetan community in India/Nepal/Bhutan, the CTA’s political mandate is to support the aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet. This responsibility is carried out by the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), which is responsible for all external communications through its office in Dharamshala as well as its 11 Offices of Tibet across the world.

The priorities of the DIIR are:

  • Drawing the international community’s attention to the current human rights situation inside Tibet and prompting specific actions;
  • Development of compelling and engaging multimedia communications;
  • To implement CTA’s global communications strategy, including external communications with relevant stakeholders (e.g. Tibet Support Groups, Tibetan Associations, Parliamentary committees for Tibet) and the media;
  • Managing the CTA’s global communications across its 11 offices – defining་organizational messaging, setting targets, reviewing progress;
  • Production of CTA publications, information materials, videos and preparation of statements, media releases and articles.

Consulting Project Objectives

Through the DIIR, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining awareness and support for human rights in Tibet internationally. In order to successfully fulfill this role, it seeks to strengthen its global communication strategy, internal systems and processes and to build relevant staff communication knowledge and skills and overall capacity.

Consulting Project Requirements

DIIR seeks a dynamic Europe based communications professional to:

  • Formulate Strategic Communications Framework and an action plan;
  • Guide the Offices of Tibet in the implementation of the communicational framework in their respective jurisdiction;
  • Develop and implement an editorial strategy for the website that includes a content workflow plan;
  • Increase our online engagement through the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and develop creative and effective ways to integrate these platforms and their content with that of the website;
  • Review and evaluate current promotional materials and formulate recommendations for improvement;
  • Assess and make recommendations to strengthen CTA communication staff capacity in Europe and India.

Specific Project Requirements and Scope of Work

  • Meet with DIIR Kalon, Secretaries and other key CTA officials to understand the CTA’s communications functions environment and challenges;
  • Meet with each Office of Tibet Representative in Europe (Brussels, London, Geneva);
  • Interview other key individuals, organizations and key stakeholders relevant to communications from CTA;
  • Review previous and current communications materials;
  • Analysis of CTA staff communication knowledge skills and overall capacity in the Offices of Tibet in Europe and Dharamshala;
  • Production of recommendations for improvement and an action plan compendium
  • Identify and develop potential institutional partnerships for communications volunteers.


  • Strategic Communication Framework;
  • Implementation Action Plan;
  • Guide for the implementation of communication framework;
  • Description of role and responsibility of communication staff in each Office of Tibet in Europe and DIIR (Dharamshala);
  • Evaluation of DIIR communication systems, processes, current promotional materials and recommendations for improvement;
  • Identification of platforms for CTA outreach and development of agreed supporting communications materials (e.g. a communications toolkit) to be confirmed with DIIR;
  • Copy writing and editing support where mutually agreed.


Bi-weekly progress report

Consultant Qualifications

  • Significant and demonstrated experience developing communications strategies, action plans            and   performance   monitoring   frameworks;   preferably   with   international experience. Minimum 8 years international experience or 10 years non-international experience;
  • Significant demonstrated experience working with media as well as managing national/international communications or advocacy campaigns in the public, private, or non-profit sectors; preferably with international experience;
  • Demonstrated skill in digital media, including familiarity with social media channels;
  • Knowledge of a range of applications and software including social media platforms, content management systems, Microsoft Office;
  • Basic understanding of the political situation in Tibet and experience of working in an NGO environment;
  • Knowledge and capacity to use social media communication tools, new technology.
  • Exceptional and effective written and verbal communications skills including the ability to respond clearly, creatively, and decisively to inquiries with a strong attention to details;
  • Strong command of English.

Duration of the Assignment

40-60 days


Flexible with some travel to cities where the European Offices of Tibet are located (London, Brussels, Geneva, Paris). The consultant will be expected to spend approximately 10-12 days in Dharamshala, India at the beginning of the mandate.


Only expenses incurred for pre-authorized domestic and international travel will be covered. Room and board will be provided while working in Dharamshala based on a pre-authorized work schedule.

Equipment and Facilities

No equipment will be purchased or provided by CTA. The consultant is responsible for providing office equipment necessary for the provision of his/her services except as agreed with CTA in advance. CTA will provide the necessary office facilities when the consultant is onsite. Any expenses, unless explicitly articulated by CTA will be incurred by the consultant.

Response to Terms of References and Submission

Work Team

Please provide names, CVs, and relevant work experience of team members working on this project along with their respective role and responsibilities.

Work Experience and References

The candidate should submit a summary of relevant work experience on any similar assignments/project along with a copy of any work products produced for these assignments.

Name and contact information of two recent clients (within the last 5 years) are also requested.

Financial Proposal

Each submission should contain a financial proposal including an hourly rate or flat fee for the project. Total project cost cannot exceed 23,000 Euro.

Submission of Offer of Service

Interested parties are invited to submit a CV including consulting fees, a letter explaining your qualifications for the post, your understanding of the mandate and two references (with contact information) who are familiar with your past work to by 28th January, 2015.


* Phase 2

The DIIR contemplates a second implementation phase to this consulting project based on the recommendations and action plan developed in the written report deliverable provided as part of phase I.

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