September 6, 2013
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Indian villagers moving their household belongings to Kumrao Tibetan settlement

DHARAMSHALA: As a gesture of gratitude to the Indian people, the Tibetan community in Kumrao in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh has stepped forward to help their neighbouring Indian villagers who are passing through a very difficult time. Kumrao is located some 380 kms from Dharamsala.

Shama, a small Indian hamlet with 40 households and a population of around 400, located precariously on a hill poses grave threat to its inhabitants. The problem aggravated with the onset of monsoon in July. Some homes were completely destroyed and many badly affected due to incessant heavy rain in early August.

The local Indian authorities have advised the Indian villagers to move temporarily to a safer place. The Indian authorities also approached the Tibetan settlement in Kumrao, which is located near the village. The Tibetan settlement officer also visited the Indian village on 17 August to express his solidarity and support.

Since 19 August, around 19 households with 207 people have taken shelter in classrooms, hostel, staff quarter, kitchen and other vacant houses in Kumrao Tibetan settlement. The Indian villagers go to their village to tend their land and livestock in the daytime, and return to the Tibetan settlement at night.

The assistant deputy commissioner at district Nahan has praised the Tibetan community for their support to the neighbouring Indian villagers during a time of adversity. 

The revenue officer has also visited the Indian village and said many lives were saved due to timely support offered by the Tibetan community.

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