Tibet’s future The limits of despair

March 8, 2013 10:16 am

Tibet’s future

The limits of despair

Five years after an explosion of unrest on the Tibetan plateau, the region is again in crisis. This time the world is looking away

Mar 9th 2013 | DHARAMSALA, INDIA AND QINGHAI PROVINCE, CHINA |From the print edition

[The Economist]

INSIDE a small monastery in China’s Qinghai province, a red-robed monk looks around to see if he is being watched, then begins sobbing. “We just want the Dalai Lama to come home”, he says. His words echo those of dozens of Tibetans seeking to explain why they have set themselves on fire in public places across the Tibetan plateau in the past two years. Desperation is growing among the Dalai Lama’s followers in China. So, too, is the government’s effort to silence them... (View full story)