October 5, 2012
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[Press Trust of India]

NEW DELHI: With leadership change in the offing in China, Tibetans-in-exile hope that the new regime would have a liberal approach towards them.

Lobsang Sangay, the prime minister of Tibet’s government-in-exile, in an interaction with reporters here, recalled that Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s father had some connection with Tibetan Buddhism and was known for his liberal orientation.

Xi is tipped to be the China’s next President. “Xi Jingping’s father had some connection with Tibetan Buddhism. His (Xi’s) father is known to be of liberal orientation,” Sangay said.

“Whether the son will turn up to be like the father remains to be seen,” he said.

Sangay, who last year took over political duties from Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, said that a spate of self-immolation protests were proof of severe Chinese repression in Tibet.

“Yesterday, there was another incident of self-immolation in so called Tibetan Autonomous Region. There have been 53 self-immolation by Tibetans since 2009 and 42 have passed away,” he said.

Sangay said the incidents of self-immolation have been reported from across Tibet and were indicative of the “repressive” policies of China.

“There is no space for any form of protests and hence Tibetans are resorting to self-immolations. The Tibetans are sending a message not only of tragedy but also urgency,” he said.

“We seek and need support from the international community to push China to stop oppression in Tibet,” he said.

Sangay wanted India to consider Tibet as one of the core issues in its discussions with China. MORE

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