September 15, 2012
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DHARAMSHALA: The US government has reiterated its call for substantive Sino-Tibetan dialogue towards reaching a lasting solution to the long-standing problems facing Tibet.

In its annual ‘Report on Tibetan Negotiations’ released on 12 September, the US State Department said: “In 2011, Chinese authorities continued to place the Tibet Autonomous Region and other Tibetan areas under increasingly intense and formalized systems of controls, many of which appeared to be aimed at facilitating enforcement of social stability and undermining the religious authority of the Dalai Lama. Increasing official interference in Tibetan religious and cultural spheres provoked acts of resistance among the Tibetan population. These in turn led authorities to intensify to maintain control, thus creating a cycle of official repression and increasingly desperate acts by Tibetans, such as a series of self-immolations by Tibetan Buddhist clergy and laypersons in Tibetan areas.

“The US Government believes that the Dalai Lama or his representatives can be constructive partners for China as it deals with the challenge of overcoming continuing tensions in Tibetan areas. The Dalai Lama’s views are widely reflected within the Tibetan society and command the respect of the vast majority of Tibetans. His consistent advocacy of non-violence is an important factor in reaching an eventual lasting solution. China’s engagement with the Dalai Lama or his representatives to resolve problems facing Tibetans is in the interest of the Chinese government and the Tibetan people. Failure to address these problems will lead to greater tensions inside China and will be an impediment to China’s social and economic development.

“The United States consistently urge China to respect the distinct religious, linguistic, cultural identity and human rights of the Tibetan people.

“We continue to encourage both sides to engage in a substantive discussion that will work to achieve concrete results,” the report noted.

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