March 13, 2012
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GENEVA, 12 March: A new Friends of Tibet Group was formed in the Czech Senate on 10 March. In a press release issued by the group, it said that six Senators “have agreed to support the occupied nation (Tibet) which has become a minority in its own country as a result of China’s policy.”

The Senators expressed their concern at the persecution of Tibetan artists, writers and bloggers by the Chinese authorities.
“The mounting pressure to which the Tibetan nation is exposed is reflected in as many as 26 cases of self-immolation, 19 of which have resulted in death,” the press release said.

The group’s main objective are promoting the protection of fundamental human rights in Tibet, supporting the peaceful efforts of the Tibetan exiles to achieve genuine autonomy in all the Tibetan provinces, and contributing towards the preservation of Tibet’s culture and religion.
Over 200 Tibetans and Czech supporters took part in a demonstration organised by Amnesty International in front of the Chinese embassy in Prague, the capital city on 10 March. The banners in Czech and English called for freedom for Tibet.
As part of international action “Flag for Tibet”, over 400 councils, municipalities and county offices of Czech towns and villages hosted the Tibetan flags as a symbol of support for the non-violent Tibetan struggle for their rights and efforts to preserve national identity.
“Human rights are violated in Tibet for a long time,” said Senator Peter Šilar to the Czech Parliament’s website.  He is a long time supporter of Tibet and member of the new Friends of Tibet Group in the Czech Senate

He said large numbers of Chinese were migrating to Tibet and Tibetans are imprisoned and subjected inhuman treatment. There are restrictions on press freedom and expression of critical public.
After 50 years of occupation, discrimination of Tibetans in all areas of life remains, it is our duty and right to support the people of Tibet he said.

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