March 14, 2012
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Geneva, 13 March: A young Tibetan human rights defender called for multilateral intervention to alleviate the deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet.
“Tibetans have suffered and continues to suffer repression in Tibet. Tibetans are undergoing untold suffering. The situation in Tibet has become so repressive and unacceptable that Tibetans are setting themselves on fire,” said Ms. Kalden Tsomo, a human rights researcher.
“27 Tibetans have immolated. 14 cases of self-immolation happened in this year including a mother of four children,” she said.

She addressed the Geneva Summit on Human Rights’ session on “Defying Totalitarian Regimes” at yesterday with speakers from Cuba, North Korea and China. She said the Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamsala had always discouraged any form of protest in Tibet because of the consequences they would face. Even peaceful protests are met with harsh repression from the Chinese authorities.
Ms. Kalden Tsomo is a human rights researcher at the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala. She attended the Geneva Summit on Human Rights as a delegate of Swiss Tibetan Women’s Association. She is currently on a three weeks human rights advocacy training at Geneva for Human Rights.
In the afternoon, she made an oral statement at UN Human Rights Council session drawing the Council’s attention to an unsettling trend taking place in Tibet in relation to Tibetan cultural right and the right to development.
She said that China has denied Tibetans their voice in determining how their land is used. Instead of encouraging Tibetans involvement, the Chinese authorities have arrested Tibetans who have petitioned the Chinese government. They have been beaten and fired upon.
She called on the relevant Special Procedures of the Council to investigate how the Tibetan Peoples’ right to development is carried out.

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