February 8, 2012
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Press Statement:
On 3rd February, 2012, three Tibetans committed self-immolation at Phuwu Shang area of Serta district for the sake of Tibetan freedom and to protest against the Chinese government. The details of the one who expired in the process are not known. The other two were Tsering aged around 60 years and Kyarie aged around 30 years. Both were male. The tension around Serta district was still quite high due to the indiscriminate shooting on the peaceful Tibetan protesters many of whom were killed outright or injured grievously on the day of the Chinese New Year on 23rd January. Military presence in the area had been greatly increased and as all means of transportation and communication had been stopped, it has become very difficult to obtain detailed information from there.
Similarly, on the morning of Saturday, 4th February, in Wonpo Shang of Sershul district, Tibetans had protested against the Chinese government by bringing down the Chinese National flag and hoisting the Tibetan National Flag in its place at the local school. A large amount of leaflets had also been pasted and distributed. The whole town and the monastery had been put under high security and all means of transport had been cut. People were also not allowed to open the shops and restaurants.
Recently, the Communist party and the local government of the so called Tibet Autonomous Region had sent an urgent Memo to  various places directing that the Chinese New Year, the Tibetan New Year and in March, (Tibetan National Uprising Day) the events should be celebrated vigorously. Likewise, in another circular, they had directed that elaborate arrangements should be made to maintain stability at all costs by all the concerned departments in all the areas including villages and monasteries. It was further ordered that any cases of disruption of peace should be severely dealt with on the spot and reported immediately. It was also warned that any official found to be wanting in maintaining stability would be dismissed at once and in serious cases, the law would be invoked to deal with them.
The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile on behalf of all the Tibetan people salutes the bravery and sincerity of the men and women who carried out the peaceful protests for Tibetan freedom and offer our solidarity with them. At a time when the lives and souls of all Tibetans-both in and outside Tibet-consolidate into a united heap for the realization of the common goal of Tibetan freedom, each slogan of every patriotic Tibetan men and women for freedom in spite of the rain of Chinese bullets of suppression shall most definitely be recorded in the indelible annals of history of struggle against oppression. This will form the seed of hope for the ultimate victory of the Tibetan cause and surely reunite all the Tibetan people.
Judging from the Chinese behavior, they are bloated with their military and economic power and even in the 21st Century, rely only on brute force. They seek to solve all problems with the force of suppression and oppression and as a means to the end use lie, deceit and naked propaganda without any shame. 19 Tibetans committed self-immolation out of which 13 men and women lost their lives. The conditions of the remaining six persons are unknown. In the recent peaceful demonstrations, at least five Tibetans have been brutally murdered, many more have been seriously injured and a large number of others have been arrested and detained. In effect, in the areas where peaceful demonstrations have taken place, there is virtually a martial-law like situation so that people have to survive under constant fear and tension. The time has now come for the Chinese leaders to give due value to the precious lives of the suffering Tibetan people. As more Tibetan lives are lost in the self-immolations and the peaceful protests, the onus of responsibility for resolving the Tibetan issue shall fall squarely on the Chinese government. If the present policy of suppression continues and the Chinese leaders delay finding an amicable solution to the Tibetan problem, they shall be held fully responsible for any negative fall-outs.
Recently, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile wrote an open letter to the Chinese President H.E. Hu Jintao in which we have expressed clearly our views and demands. We also sent a delegation to New Delhi to inform the international Missions there and the government of India about the urgent situation in Tibet. Our delegation also sought an appointment with the Chinese Ambassador but instead of meeting us, the Chinese Embassy wrote to all the Diplomatic Missions and Offices of the specialized Agencies of the United Nations in New Delhi not to receive our delegation which was termed “representatives of Dalai Clique”.
We are disappointed that our repeated requests to allow an international fact-finding mission to visit Tibet have not been heeded to. In our letter to President Hu Jintao we have demanded that if the Chinese government desires an atmosphere of long-term stability in Tibet, the huge military presence should be withdrawn and all types of oppression stopped. And, instead of taking recourse to false propaganda as against the real conditions inside Tibet, a Tibetan delegation from outside Tibet should be allowed to visit Tibet. We reiterate this demand.
It is a matter of satisfaction that many free and democratic Governments and Parliaments have shown their concern and solidarity with the urgent situation in Tibet. However, it is our express request that more effective pressure may be exerted on China at the utter violation of fundamental human rights, human life and dignity in Tibet.
We further appeal to everyone to take active and extensive part in the ‘Global Solidarity Vigil’ initiated by the Kashag on Wednesday, 8th February, 2012 and the fast and prayer meeting to be observed by the members of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile at Dharamsala on 22nd February- the first day of the Tibetan New Year.

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