February 14, 2012
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DHARAMSHALA: Tibetans and Japanese supporters organised a memorial service to express their solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet in view of the spate of tragic self-immolations by young Tibetans and the Chinese government’s heavy-handed response to the Tibetans’ peaceful calls for freedom and human rights in Tibet.

A Japanese priest lead a prayer service for Tibetans suffering repression in Tibet at Gokoku-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan, on 8 February 2012

The memorial service, organised by the Office of Tibet at Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo on 8 February, was part of the global solidarity vigil called by the Central Tibetan Administration. Prayers were offered in both Tibetan and Japanese languages. A candlelight vigil also organised in the evening.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Representative to Japan, Mr Lhakpa Tshoko, and his staff attended the vigil. Mr Lhakpa Tshoko addressed the gathering about the deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet. He reiterated the Central Tibetan Administration’s deep concern over the self-immolation incidents and the Chinese authorities’ killing of peaceful Tibetan demonstrators for simply claiming their basic rights. He also reiterated the Central Tibetan Administration’s urgent call for support from the international community to press the Chinese government towards resolving the Tibet’s problem through dialogue.

(Watch video of the vigil) 

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