January 21, 2012
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DHARAMSALA: During his visit to Kolkata on 20 January, Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay inaugurated the Tagore Centre for Transformative Education and engaged in programmes for education and women empowerment in the region’s poorest rural areas.

Kalon Tripa began his day’s programme by visiting rural areas where the Young Men’s Welfare Society (YMWS) is working with the poorest people in Kolkata to provide them with primary health care and primary education. Kalon Tripa visited primary schools, and interacted with schoolchildren of class I – IV to encourage them to study hard.

As requested by YMWS, Kalon Tripa visited rural women who are being supported by the former’s women empowerment initiative. During the visit, Kalon Tripa interacted with some 18 – 20 poor women and distributed interest free loans to them as part of the project’s micro finance scheme.

Kalon Tripa also inaugurated a new tube well, which is part of YMWS’s efforts to alleviate grave shortage of drinking water in the rural areas.

After concluding his visit to the rural areas, Kalon Tripa paid a visit to a missionary of late Mother Teresa and the latter’s tomb.

Following this, Kalon Tripa inaugurated the Tagore Centre for Transformative Education in commemoration of the India’s first Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. In his address, Dr Sangay emphasised on the promotion of serving for others’ well-being. He underlined the importance of education and to use the power of education in social welfare services.   

Other eminent speakers at the event include the Dean of Westminster Abbey, Bishop of Kolkata, Mr Gautam Ghose, one of the most acclaimed film directors of modern India, Mr Ikara, member of ICSE, and Mr Shaurab Mukherjee, Chairman of Young Men’s Welfare Society.

Kalon Tripa left Kolkata this morning for a visit to Tibetan Settlement in Miao.

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