December 7, 2011
   Posted in News Flash
Published By Tashi

TOKYO, Japan: Representatives from the Tibetan community of Japan and Students for a Free Tibet yesterday visited 13 offices of the Japanese members of Parliament and urged them to exert diplomatic pressure on China to end crackdown in Tibet.

 They briefed the Japanese parliamentarians on the current critical situation inside Tibet and asked for their support for a campaign to raise international support in view of the tragic self-immolation incidents in Tibet.

 In their letter to the MPs, the visiting Tibetan delegation requested for a coordinated and swift diplomatic action that can stop the crisis, and urged the Parliamentarians to make a public statement of concern about the situation in Tibet.

 “Considering the situation inside Tibet and the recent spate of self-immolations, we had to do this lobbying work within very short period of time. Nevertheless, we are very happy for what we have done. We’ll definitely be more strategic next time and try and meet more MPs for sure” said Lobsang Yeshi, the president of the Tibetan community of Japan.

 Dolma Tsering, vice-president of the Tibetan community of Japan, said the parliamentarians showed keen interest on the issue of Tibet and even advised us to update them on the situation inside Tibet.

 The Tibetan delegation have convinced four of the Japanese parliamentarians to sign a pledge to stand up for Tibet. The pledge already has the support of Noble laureates and Parliamentarians from around the world.

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