June 1, 2011
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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Urged to Visit Tibet[Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 5:33 p.m.]

Geneva: The
UN Human Rights Council begun its 17th regular session on 30 May and
will continue till 17 June to discuss and address human rights
situation around the globe. The UN human rights chief, Ms. Navi Pillay
presented an annual report updating her office’s activities and then
held general debate.In her statement, High Commissioner for 
Human Rights Ms. Pillay, noted the rising demand for fundamental human
rights across North Africa and the Middle East. She cited it as a
result of the decades of denial of civil, cultural, economic, political
and social rights as well as right to development. On human rights
situation in China, she expressed concern at the increased restriction
on freedom of expression and opinion.During the interactive
dialogue on Ms. Pillay’s statement, speaking on behalf of Society for
Threatened Peoples, Mr. Tenzin Samphel KAYTA welcomed UN Human Rights
chief’s report.  He informed the Council that Chinese
authorities is currently cracking down on peaceful protestors in Inner
Mongolia. He also updated the UN Human Rights Council the severe clamp
down on Ngaba Kirti Monastery since 16 March 2011.In the
plenary session, Mr. kayta drew attention of the member States and
international community on the disappearance of 300 Kirti Monastery
monks who had been taken away by the Chinese People Armed Force on the
night of 21 April – Easter eve to an undisclosed location. He called
upon the UN High Commissioner Ms. Navi Pillay to conduct a fact-finding
mission to China including all affected Tibetan areas by seizing upon
the invitation she has received from the Chinese Government. In
the run up to the 17th UN Human Rights Council session, the Tibet
Bureau has met with over 10 Foreign Mission diplomats based in Geneva,
Switzerland to update the latest human rights situation in Tibet
particularly in Ngaba Kirti Monastery.

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