April 29, 2011
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Rampant gold mining threatens human lives and ecology in Rebkong, Tibet[Thursday, 28 April 2011, 3:00 p.m.]

Gu Chu River in Rebkong, northeastern Tibet

toxic effluent produced by rampant mining of a gold reserve near a
sacred mountain in Rebkong in northeastern Tibet continues to pollute a
river flowing out of it.
DHARAMSHALA: The local Tibetans using the river water complain as their lives and the region’s ecology are threatened, sources said.The
water of Gu Chu river, originating from a mountain revered for
generations in Ku-Dhe Karong in Rebkong, is being used for consumption
by Tibetans and their animal herds in all parts of Rebkong. But their
lives are in serious danger as the rampant mining by the Chinese
government in the upstream for the last 10 years continues to poison
the river. The mining work is still in force, the local Tibetans say.The
holy mountain consist of nine different prayer sites for travelers and
pilgrims and two sacred caves. The locals residents say many
generations have highly revered this holy mountain as an abode of a
deity. The gold miners has not only destroyed the alpines pastures and
the local biodiversity but also undermined the sanctity of this holy
place, the source on condition of anonymity said.The waste
generated from the gold mining activities are being openly dumped on
the pastures with least concerns. The effluents are discharged directly
into the Gu- Chu river harming both the people and animals alike, the
source said. The local residents have repeatedly filed
numerous grievances and complains against the gold miners, to the local
authority offices to the central government, but all in vain. Instead,
their grievances backfired on the concerned villagers. For instance,
according to the source, Tsewang Kyap (Male, aged 45), Chilo Gyal
(Male, aged 50), Dra-teh (Male, aged 45) and Lha-go Gyal (Male, aged
39) have been falsely implicated and dragged into courts for two years
and finally imprisoned in Siling prison. Lama Kyab and Nam-tse are
still wandering the pastures to avoid being captured by the police, but
Shawo Gyal who tried to flee the village has been arrested and a case
has been filed against him in a court.

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