April 22, 2011
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Australia’s PM urged to raise Tibet issue during China visit[Thursday, 21 April 2011, 11:54 a.m.]

A Tibet Support Group in Australia has urged Prime Minister Julia
Gillard to raise the issue of ongoing repression in Tibet and encourage
revival of dialogue process on Tibet during her visit to China from 25
– 27 April.In a letter to the Australian premier dated 12
April, the Australia Tibet Council said: “We understand that
discussions around trade and economic matters will be the main focus of
your trip. However, since this will be your first visit to China as
Australia’s Prime Minister, we believe that it is imperative to
establish that human rights must be an important ongoing component of
the Australia China relationship.”The council expressed concern
about the Chinese government’s repression on writers, bloggers, poets,
artists, environmental activists in China and Tibet. The
council has urged prime minister Gillard to “raise the issue of ongoing
repression of political and religious freedom, environmental damage and
marginalisation of culture and language in Tibet”.It also
called on the prime minister to “press China to revive the dialogue
with the Tibetans and engage sincerely in the process to bring about a
mutually beneficial resolution”.Quoting a latest report by a US
Senate delegation to Tibet, the council raised concern over the “influx
of Chinese population, growing income inequalities and restrictions on
religious practices fuelling discontent and unhappiness among the
Tibetans.” The report noted that China’s massive economic investment in
Tibet has come at the cost of Tibet’s ancient culture, its fragile
environment and social ills from drugs to prostitution.
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