August 19, 2010
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The First Tibetan Electronic Dictionary To Be Launched[Thursday, 19 August 2010, 3:04 p.m.]

Ven Lobsang Monlam (left) speaking about his forthcoming Tibetan electronic dictionary during a discussion with a group of Tibetan scholars and academicians in Dharamsala, on 19 August 2010. Also seen in the picture is Kalon Tripa Prof Samdong Rinpoche (right).Photo by Choyang/Tibetonline TV

Readers in today’s world of information technology will soon have the
first Tibetan electronic dictionary in unicode Monlam Bodyig 3 on their
computers, be it Windows, Mac, ipod or ipad.A group of Tibetan
academicians and scholars on Tibetan literature have gathered at the
Library of Tibetan Works and Archives to give their ideas and
suggestion to the upcoming comprehensive Tibetan electronic dictionary,
which is being compiled by Ven Lobsang Monlam. Ven Monlam is
known for his pioneering initiative in developing the electronic Monlam
Bodyig font in userfriendly unicode format. His latest Monlam Bodyig 3
had already hit the stores.  The special features of the
dictionary are that readers can get a comprehensive set of meanings and
usages of a particular Tibetan word. By clicking on a Tibetan word, one
can also get a wide range of meanings and usages of that word in
English.Speaking of his work on the upcoming Monlam dictionary,
he said he has been undertaking careful study and consideration of
Tibetan handwritings, grammar and vocabularies. He said he took reference from the Tibetan-English Dictionary compiled by the Department of Education.Ven
Monlam said his meeting with the Tibetan scholars was aimed to
incorporate into the dictionary the entire set of Tibetan terminology
from the field of Buddhism, culture, literature, dialectics, grammar
etc. Kalon Tripa Prof Samdong Rinpoche underlined that the
Tibetan people will remain alive as a distinct from other nationals as
long as the Tibetan language exists. Praising Ven Monlam for
his innovative works on Tibet language, Kalon Tripa said it will be of
immense benefit to the preservation and promotion of Tibet’s cultural
heritage if he continues to make efforts in the future.His
Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Secretary Mr Tsegyam presented a ceremonial
scarf to Ven Monlam as a gesture of His Holiness’ appreciation of the
monk’s expertise in  promoting Tibetan language through innovation.

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