April 17, 2010
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama would wish to visit quake-hit Tibet, says Kalon Tripa[Friday, 16 April 2010, 7:01 p.m.]

 Kalon Tripa Prof Samdhong Rinpoche the book launch organised by Kirti Monastery in Dharamsala

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was deeply concerned over the situation of
Tibetans affected by the earthquake in Kyigudo region of Tibet and if
it were possible His Holiness would wish to visit the region, Kalon
Tripa Prof Samdhong Rinpoche said during a book launch at Kirti
Monastery in Dharamsala today.Kalon Tripa recalled that His
Holiness had espoused a similar desire and feeling of concern during
the devastating earthquake which struck China’s Sichuan Province in May
2008 which killed around 68,000 people. But the visit could not
materialise due to the reality of prevailing situation.Kalon
Tripa said, “There are media reports that the Tibetans who are
undergoing untold suffering due to natural calamity in Tibet pray and
yearn to get His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s blessings. We are greatly
moved on hearing such sentiments as if our hearts are pricked by thorn.”Kalon
Tripa further said that if the external circumstances became
favourable, there would be no difficulty on the part of His Holiness
visiting the affected areas at the soonest possible.However,
even if the prospect of the visit appeared like a dream, we could
strive and pray that the wishes of the affected Tibetans to meet His
Holiness the Dalai Lama could come true, he added.China’s official Xinhua news agency said the death toll has now reached 1144, but some local Tibetans say many more had died.

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