November 10, 2009
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President Obama to Raise Tibet Issue with China, says Senior US Official [Tuesday, 10 November 2009, 10:52 a.m.]

Dharamshala: US
President Barack Obama will raise human rights concerns, including the
issue of Tibet, directly with president Hu Jintao when he visits
Beijing on 17 November, according to a senior US official.Mr.
Obama, who leaves the United States for his first Asian visit as
president on Thursday, will talk about religious freedom, the plight of
Tibet, and other human rights issues with Hu, said Mr. Jeffrey Bader,
Obama’s senior director for Asian Affairs on the National Security
Council.”The kind of issues that are on our minds are issues of
freedom of expression, access to information, freedom of religion, rule
of law,” AFP quoted Mr Bader as saying.”I have every reason to expect that the issue of Tibet will come up on the trip,” Bader said.”The
president has made it clear that he is ready to meet with the Dalai
Lama in the future at the appropriate time,” Bader added.”The
overarching theme is that America is a Pacific nation, it understands
the importance of Asia in the 21st Century, and it’s going to be
engaged in a very comprehensive way,” said Ben Rhodes, deputy national
security advisor for strategic communications.Japan, Singapore and South Korea are also in Mr Obama’s Asia itinerary.

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