May 6, 2009
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Chinese Scholars Praise His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Efforts for Tibetan Culture and Democracy

Wednesday, 6 May 2009, 12:07 p.m.

His Holiness greets
an audience of thousands before speaking about “Peace Through
Compassion” at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, Calif., on Saturday, 25
April 2009. (Paul Chinn / The Chronicle)

New York: During
a meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Tuesday afternoon, a
group of around 130 Chinese scholars, intellectuals and democracy
activists, including more than a dozen who had come from China, lauded
his efforts towards the promotion and preservation of Tibetan Buddhism,
culture and for successfully establishing a democratic institution in

In a
signed letter addressed to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Chinese
intellectuals said that His Holiness had made efforts for harmonious
relationship among the nationalities in China. It referred specifically
to His Holiness’ efforts for the peaceful resolution of the Tibetan
issue through non-violence and the Middle Way approach.

all difficulties, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has categorically stated
that Tibet will not separate from China and has come up with sincere
initiatives for friendly existence of the Tibetans and the Chinese
people, the letter noted.

It said
that His Holiness has contributed greatly in the promotion of world
peace, morality, faith, compassion, love, human value.

The letter paid homage to His Holiness’ unique contribution for the cause of Tibet, China and the international community.

His Holiness opened his remarks by appreciating the enquiries some of
them made about his health as he entered the meeting venue. He said he
had just completed a thorough medical checkup and his heath was very

Holiness spoke on the demonstrations in Tibet last year and said that
he had urged for a thorough investigations into it. He suggested that
the Chinese people should visit Tibet and referred to a meeting he had
with a Tibetan from Amdo who said that the demonstrations were the
outpouring of generations of grievances the Tibetans had.

Holiness talked about his trip to China in 1954-1955 when he stayed
there for six months. He said he visited many of the provinces and met
the officials there. His general perception then was that meetings with
officials who were holding party positions were more substantive than
the meetings he had with non-party government officials. He was
impressed with the party members’ dedication so much so that when he
returned to Beijing, he expressed his desire to join the Communist
Party. Also, while returning to Lhasa from Beijing, His Holiness said
that he met Zhang Guohua (a Chinese official in Tibet who was on his
way from Lhasa to Beijing) in Kongpo Nyingtri. He recalled telling
Zhang then that when he left Lhasa for Beijing his mind was full of
trepidation about how things would turn out but that he was returning
to Lhasa with much confidence and hope.

Holiness said that the Tibetan problem has to be solved and that for
this to happen, the Chinese Government first has to accept the fact
that there is a problem. His Holiness referred to the official
vilification campaign against him and saying he was termed as a demon.
He joked that he was a demon with compassion, which is better. His
Holiness talked about there being no personal agenda saying that as
early as 1969 he had made it clear that whether or not the institution
of the Dalai Lama should continue should be upto the Tibetan people to
decide. He also said that in 1992 he had declared that once the time
came for his return to Tibet he would not hold any official political

Holiness said that the Chinese Government maintains there is no Tibetan
problem and that everything is fine in Tibet. He said even if 60 to 70
percent Tibetans were happy he would consider things to be good in

Holiness urged the Chinese brothers and sisters to spread the
information about the reality of the Tibetan situation with other

Holiness then had a question and answer session touching on the
situation in China and Tibet and on what could be done to assist the
Tibetan people.

this meeting, His Holiness attended a function organized by the Office
of Tibet for over 100 invited representatives of the Indian community
in the New York area to thank India for its assistance to the Tibetan

–Report filed by Bhuchung K Tsering of ICT

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