April 4, 2009
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Vermont Senate Resolution Condemns China’s Repression in TibetSaturday, 4 April 2009, 12:16 p.m.

 The Vermont State House

The Senate of the State of Vermont in the United States has passed a
resolution on Friday condemning the repression of the Tibetan people
and urging Congress to take forceful action to end the denial of human
rights and to extend diplomatic recognition to Tibet.The
resolution no 8 sponsored by Senators including Miller, Hinda Ashe,
Timothy and Ayer, expressed solidarity with all those Tibetans who were
killed, and those who have been injured, arrested or detained, missing
and suffering incarceration after China’s brutal suppression of
peaceful protests across Tibet since March last year.The
Chinese authorities’ violent crackdown on Tibetan protesters left 220
Tibetans dead, 1,294 injured and 290 sentenced. More than 5,600 were
arrested or detained and over 1,000 disappeared.The Senators
urged the Congress to take forceful action to end the People’s Republic
of China’s repression of human rights in Tibet.They called upon the Congress to support and recognise the memorandum on genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people.They
asked the Congress to engage China to sincerely negotiate with
representatives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to solve the Tibet
problem.The senators called upon the Secretary of the Senate to
send a copy of the resolution to the Ambassador to the United States of
the People’s Republic of China, the Office of the Representative of the
Dalai Lama in New York City, Students for a Free Tibet, and the Vermont
Congressional delegation.The resolution emphasised that the
people of Tibet lived in peace and harmony for centuries, and that
China launched illegal aggression on 10 March 1959 with absolutely no
provocation from the Tibetan people.The Tibetan people have
been deprived of any right of self-determination, and it is now nearly
impossible for them to continue their distinctive cultural practices
and religious observances, the resolution noted.It said the
inhumane treatment of Tibetan detainees in Tibet violates Article 5 of
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates that “No one
shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading
treatment or punishment”. (Click here for Chinese police brutality in Tibet).It
underlined that the plight of the Tibetan people must be an urgent
matter of the highest priority for Congress and the international
community.–Based on report submitted by Tsewang Phuntsok, Liaison Officer, Latin America, Office of Tibet in New York

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