February 6, 2009
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Kalon Tripa to Attend Opening of Global Vipassana Pagoda in MumbaiFriday, 6 February 2009, 2:33 p.m.

Kalon Tripa Prof Samdhong Rinpoche

Dharamshala: Kalon Tripa Prof Samdhong Rinpoche will attend the inauguration ceremony of the world’s largest meditation centre in Mumbai – the Global Vipassana Pagoda. The pagoda, built by the Global Vipassana Foundation, will be inaugurated by Indian President Pratibha Patil on 8 February.The monument of peace and harmony, at Gorai near the EsselWorld amusement park, is being hailed as an architectural wonder with the centre containing the world’s largest pillarless stone dome. The pagoda will serve as the first vipassana centre in Mumbai, enabling people to practice meditation under the hollow dome.”This 300ft dome is a monument of gratitude to India, which is the land of origin of vipassana and the Buddha. While teachings of the Buddha have almost disappeared in India, the pagoda will resurrect it to its former glory,” says Vallabh Bhansali, chairman of Enam Securities and a vipassana practitioner.The idea of building a pillarless dome came from Acharya SN Goenka, a pioneer vipassana teacher in India. With no pillars, the inner hall allows meditation practitioners to view the teacher without obstruction.The Global Pagoda’s objective is to spread vipassana, the practical embodiment of the Buddha’s non-sectarian, universal teachings. The original bone relics of Gautama Buddha were enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome on 29 October 2006.After Mumbai, Kalon Tripa will visit Panchgani in Pune to attend a conference for young Tibetans organised by Empowering the Vision Project (ENVISION), at Asia Plateau, from 9 – 14 February. During the conference, Kalon Tripa will give two key-note addresses on “Creating the Future: A Global Vision for Young Tibetans” and Youth as Ambassadors and Nation Builders”, on 9 and 10 February respectively. ENVISION, a non-governmental and non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, aims to support, motivate and empower young Tibetans to take their place in the community with dynamism, specialised skills, good careers and entrepreneurship. it also aims to build confidence, and provide career guidance and training opportunities for Tibetans in India.Kalon Tripa will leave Pune for New Delhi on 10 February.In New Delhi, Kalon Tripa will preside over the 18th meeting of the members of the task force starting 11 February. Kalon Tripa said majority of the members are expected to attend the three-day meeting. The task force was established in 1999 to assist the envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in their talks with the representatives of the Chinese government. It met last time in Dharamshala from 22-24 September 2008.Kalon Tripa will return to Dharamshala on 16 February.

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