March 18, 2008
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Latest Update on Tibet Protests

Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 5:10 p.m.

18th March, 2008

Lhasa Crackdown Continues

In Lhasa suppression continues with tanks and military vehicles
patrolling every corner of the city. Former political prisoners and
suspected Tibetans (those politically active) living in the Lhasa area
are being arbitrarily arrested in the ongoing house-by-house raid by
Chinese security forces since the evening of 15th March 2008.

In desperation for complete crackdown, Chinese authorities are
also arresting the family members of former long-time political
prisoners (if they themselves are not physically present).

Machu County (Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu province) – 19 killed in protests

During the protest in Machu County that continued from
yesterday, Peopleïž’s Armed Police (PAP) shot dead nineteen peaceful
protesters this morning as confirmed by a source.

Karze County (Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province)-
Protest Continues with growing intensity and size

Students and laypeople continue with their protest. According to
latest information received, a massive protest is now happening in
front of Karze County government headquarters.

Nearby monasteries have been completely blocked off by Chinese
military since a few days ago to prevent the monks from taking part in
the protests.

Labrang (Sangchu) County (Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu province)- Protest held

Among the many things that there protestors were demanding, they
asked for the release of Jigme Gyatso (political prisoner in Chushul
prison “Tibet Autonomous Region,” serving a seventeen year term).

Serthar County (Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province)– Crackdown on protesters

Protest continue in Serthar County however today there was a strong military crackdown on the protestors.

Chigdril County (Golog “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Chinghai province) – Protest held

Monks held a protest at Chigdril County.

17th March 2008

Toelung County (Lhasa) – Massive Protest held

Around 3pm local time, seven monks from Dhingkha monastery who
were dressed in plain clothes started a protest on their way to Dechen
town. Police personnel from Dechen town were not able to stop the
determined monks from protesting and additional police personnel were
called in from the County. The local people joined the protests after
the County police tried to stop the protestors. Peopleïž’s Armed Police
was called in later from Lhasa after the protest grew in size and
intensity. Around thirty of the protestors arrested were and treated
very aggressively. Names of three of the arrestees can be confirmed as

1) Samdup (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

2) Lobsang (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

3) Tsering Dolkar (from Tashi Khangsar, Dechen town, Toelung County, Lhasa).

Beijing Nationalities University, (Beijing)- Students Hold Protest

Tibetan students at Beijing National University held a protest. No further details available.

Tsoe Municipality (Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu province) – Students Protestors beaten

Tibetan students who held a protest in Tsoe municipality were severely beaten by police and armed forces.

Kakhog (Marthang) County (Ngapa “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province) –Students protesters beaten

Tibetan Students from Kakhong County held a protest at their
school campus. Chinese authorities were not able to hold back the
student protestors who then marched to the County government
30 of the student protestors were severely beaten and later arrested.
The same evening students again held a protest.

Ngaba County ( Ngaba, “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province) – Nuns and laypeople protest

At 12pm local time, nuns from Ngatoe nunnery and laypeople
carried the dead-bodies of those killed in the March 16th protest to
the County government headquarters where they held a protest.

16th March, 2008

Lithang County (Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province) – Monks and laypeople protest

Monks and laypeople held a major protest held in Lithang County
today. All schools, shops and offices have been forced to shut down for
the next three days. On the morning of 17th March, police and army in
huge numbers and heavily armed were seen patrolling all over.

Near Tashi Lhunpo Monastery (Shigatse County, Shigatse Prefecture) – Protest held

A protest was held by laypeople near the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. No further details available.

Gepa Sumdo County (Tsolho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” in Qinghai province) – Protest held

The Tibetans of Gepa Sumdo County held a protest in which they
carried the portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan
National flag. The army arrived at the scene to suppress the protest.

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