April 19, 2006
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Final Result of the 14th Assembly Declared

Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 4:30 PM

Dharamshala: In a press release this morning, the Chief election commissioner of the Election Commission of the Central Tibetan Administration declared the result of the final election of the Assembly of the Tibetan People’s Deputies (ATPD) held on 18 March 2006.

The chief election commissioner said that in accordance with Article 51 of the Tibetan Election Regulations, out of the total 46 deputies, 43 are directly elected by the Tibetan people from 10 constituencies comprising of three traditional provinces of Tibet, four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon, North America and Europe.

The result is suppose to be declared on 28 April, but due to computer-based counting of votes it only took two days to count the votes.

The counting began on the 15th of this month and was completed yesterday.

Of total 82,620 registered voters for the final round of election of the ATPD, 43,302 have cast their votes.

In the three provincial constituencies, Tsetan Norbu (Utsang, 14456 votes), Dolma Gyari (Dotod, 7053) and Pempa Tsering (Domed, 1353) have bagged the highest number of votes.

From the ecumenical constituencies Tsering Phuntsok (1037 votes, Nyingma), Karma Sherab Thanchin (479, Kagyu), Pema Jungney (352, Sakya), Geshe Thupten Phelgyal (1814, Gelug) and Geshe Monlam Tharchin (130, Bon) got the highest number of votes.

From the other two constituencies Sonam Tsering Frasi (Europe, 455) and Tenzin Choedhen (North America, 890) were the leading contenders.

Following is the result of final election of the Assembly

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  1. U-Tsang Deputies
  2. Dotoe Deputies
  3. Domed Deputies
  4. Nyingma Deputies
  5. Kagyu Deputies
  6. Sakya Deputies
  7. Gelug Deputies
  8. Bon Deputies
  9. Europe Deputies
  10. North America Deputy

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