November 19, 2005
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Time is Running Out, Save Tibet Before Extinction: Kalon Tripa

Saturday, 19 November 2005, 11:45

Dharamshala: Time is fast running out for Tibet, as demographic, economic and political marginalization of the Tibetan people increases by leaps and bounds with each passing day, Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche has said.

“Tibet must be saved before its extinction.”

Kalon Tripa addressing the convention

The issue of Tibet is not a clash of political ideologies or a quest for political or economic power, for, the Tibetan people ask neither, Kalon Tripa said in his address to the fourth World Parliamentarian’s Convention on Tibet in Edinburgh yesterday.

“Our sole objective is to retain the identity of the Tibetan people as non-violent society.”

Kalon Tripa said that the aspiration of the Tibetan people to preserve and promote their unique cultural and spiritual heritage can be fulfilled by “implementing the provision of the Constitution of PRC for National Regional Autonomy with all sincerity”.

“The essence of Middle-Way Approach is to achieve the required basic freedom and human dignity for all the Tibetan nationalities.”

“To achieve this objective, we are fully committed to non-violence means.”

Kalon Tripa said that his administration has taken some extremely unpopular decisions like requesting the exile Tibetans and NGOs to avoid provocative demonstrations, and the stopping of, in official functions, singing songs that fuel “nationalistic anger and anti-Chinese sentiments” in order to create a conducive environment for negotiations.

“In spite of our consistent policy of Middle-Way adopted for last 26 years, PRC continues to accuse us of being ‘separatists.”

China has, in its search for social peace and legitimacy in Tibet, an historic opportunity to grasp the hand of friendship extended by His Holiness the Dalai Lama by considering him as the most effective ally and a trusted partner, Kalon Tripa said.

Kalon Tripa also urged continuing support, guidance and commitment of Tibet supporters in the legislative bodies around the world, whose counsel to PRC he said has realised the renewal of contacts between China and His Holiness.

Some 50 parliamentarians from 30 countries, 16 representatives from the Central Tibetan Administration, including Deputies, 9 organisational and drafting committee members from India, and 2 special invitees, ITSN Co-chairs, are attending this convention.

( is the official website of the Central Tibetan Administration.)

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Fourth World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet to hold in Scotland from 18-19 November,

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