December 4, 2003
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New York Office of Tibet Launches Spanish language website and
Quarterly Newsmagazine

New York, 4 December 2003: The Office of Tibet, New York, last week
launched its Spanish language website

Apart from news, commentaries and official press releases, the website
provides rich background information on all aspects of Tibet. The
background information is divided into four major categories: Tibet, Dalai
Lama, Exile Tibetans and Sino-Tibetan Dialogue.

Each category provides detailed information on different issues. For
example, the Sino-Tibetan Dialogue Navigation gives a brief overview of
history of Sino-Tibetan contacts from 1979 to 2003 with an easy access to
all the major documents such as His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Five-Point Peace
Plan, Strasbourg Proposal, Yale Initiative, Guidelines for Future Tibet’s
Policy and Basic Features of Its Constitution, and Press Statement of the
Envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama issued on September 28, 2002 after
their return from China and Tibet.

The new Spanish language website also carries news reports and articles on
Tibet from major Spanish language newspapers of Latin American region. In
future, the website will cover Tibet-related events organized by various
organizations and individuals supporting Tibet in Latin American region.

Many Latin Americans have welcomed the website. A writer from Uruguay
said, “You can’t imagine how important it is for me to receive this
wonderful news. This will be of tremendous value to the Latin American
people, who wish to know more about Tibet and its people”.

An Assistant Editor of one of the most influential newsmagazine in Brazil
wrote: “How good to know that we are having a Spanish version of your site!

A professor of the UN Peace University in Costa Rica wrote,
“Congratulations!! This will certainly help to galvanize and coordinate the
support for Tibet in the region.”

A former Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States said,
“Congratulations !! it is a great effort”.

The Director of the Mexico City-based Good Heart Institute commented,
“Webpage is excellent and ‘Salud’ for all your hard work in bringing the
Tibetan cause to the forefront in Latin America”.

In addition to the website, the Office of Tibet is also bringing out its
first edition of the Spanish version of the 32-page upgraded quarterly
newsmagazine, News Tibet, this month. Both the new Internet site and
newsletter are part of our efforts to make information on Tibet more
accessible to the mainstream people in Latin America.

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