September 26, 2001
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Tibet under Communist China-50 Years a new book by DIIR

the book cover

Dharamsala Sept 26, 2001: Tibet under Communist China-50 Years, a new book was recently released by Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), Central Tibetan Administration. This book gives an exhaustive account of the change of attitude of Beijing to one of its colonies. Earlier communist China looked at Tibet from a geopolitical and security perspective. Now coupled with this enduring imperial reason for staying put in Tibet, an economically vibrant China looks to Tibet as the best source for coastal China’s galloping demand for energy, fuel and water.

The devastating impact of this change of attitude toward Tibet is already felt in Tibet as Tibetans, unable to compete with more skilled Chinese settlers, are becoming increasingly marginalised by the forces of globalisation unleashed on the roof of the world.

Having lost their country, Tibetans in increasing number are losing their jobs to the Chinese settlers streaming to Tibet to take advantage of the economic boom.

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